The Web Is Central

The Web is center of the universe for anyone with access to it.

If you are under the age of 50, and maybe if you aren't (like me) - you go to the Web to learn more about everything. Sure, you may consult with a friend, but your first impulse is to go online.

The Web Is Mainstream

For most of us baby boomers and beyond, the action was always at the center of town - downtown. That's where a business located if it expected to be a player in the community.

Today you can locate your business anywhere and still be relevant - provided you also have a presence on the Web. This of course was one of the contributors to the decline of the central business districts of most communities.

The Web has redefined what central means.

The Web is the Center of the Universe

Since anywhere and everywhere is right here if you are on the Web, this is the center - not the center of town, but the center of the universe. From here you are surrounded by everything, and you have full access to it.

This means your small business is at the center of the universe as far as its Web presence is concerned. Think about this, your business is only one click away from anyone in the universe.

We are all one click from our next customer or opportunity.

Stop Trying So Hard

If you have a mindset that the Web is this enormous matrix or database that holds billions and trillions of connections, then you will be overwhelmed.  Better to think in terms of what you want.

Children do this.  They have a single-minded focus on what they want - and then set out to get it. In my mind, that is a far better way of achieving practical results with your Web marketing.

If Only You Knew

I honestly believe that having the intention that anything is possible dramatically affects your ability to achieve it.  You see possibilities, not obstacles.

And why shouldn't you?  This is not BS.  You seriously are just one click away from what you want.  The key is understanding that this is indeed a valid hypothesis.

Well, is it or isn't it?  I suppose you are one "click" away from someone viewing your Yellow Page ad and then calling you up. However, we know that's not true because the critical mass of this humanity is on the Web. It's undeniable.

And that's why it works.

If the Web is Main Street, and billions of people could fit into one virtual location - as they do, isn't it possible that you could find your future customers there?

The technology that we are working with is shaping up to make our intentions reality.  Social search and QR codes are just two of many emerging developments on the social Web that will be significant contributors.

So, forget about what others may be telling you - that you are not good enough with social media or you showed up too late in the game.  All of that is not going to matter moving forward.

What will?

Just being who you are in your most authentic way - and of course, being in the game.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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